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Residential treatment can be a lifesaver if you’re grappling with serious issues like an eating disorder. The around-the-clock therapy and care are beneficial for people as they recover. However, what happens when residential treatment is over, especially for clients who aren’t entirely ready to return home? A transitional living program paired with partial hospitalization treatment is one option that’s available. It’s like a bridge between residential care and home for those who need additional time to adjust.
As the name suggests, these types of programs usually provide living spaces for clients who no longer need 24/7 care in a treatment center but aren’t quite prepared to return to their everyday lives. A transitional living program may be part of a facility’s aftercare treatment program for those clients who need it. At Magnolia Creek, we offer transitional living during our partial hospitalization program.

Benefits of a Transitional Living Program

After a residential treatment program, clients aren’t always immediately ready to jump back into the world and all its challenges. Although many clients can return to their home environments after attending a residential program, some need additional time. After residential treatment, each client’s treating therapist determines if transitional living is a good fit.

Clients in our Transitional Living Program enjoy several benefits, such as:

These programs are ideal for clients who’ve made great strides in treatment and no longer require round-the-clock care. However, they’re still not quite where they need to be in terms of their ability to handle day-to-day stresses and difficulties. The added support these programs offer contributes to clients’ stability, giving them a better chance at living an independent life.

If you, your loved one, or your client needs help in gaining independence from an eating disorder or dual diagnosis, call our treatment team today at 205-678-4373 or fill out the form.

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