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Adolescent and Teen Eating
Disorder Treatment

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Adolescent and Teen Eating Disorder Treatment

About Magnolia Creek

Most parents don’t realize how common teen eating disorders are and many are hidden in plain sight. Eating disorders affect adolescents and teenagers across the country and an alarming number of teens are suffering in silence.
Magnolia Creek provides comprehensive eating disorder treatment for adolescent and teenage girls, ages 12 to 17 who are struggling with an eating disorder and co-occurring disorders.

Quality Outcomes,
Sustainable Recovery

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Teen-Specific Programming

Our program includes additional teen-specific components such as a separate cottage for living and treatment, a robust family therapy program, licensed teachers who interact with local school systems, specialized staff, and menu modifications. Magnolia Creek also offers outdoor features, including walking paths and a private lake, that allow each client to interact with the healing elements of nature, as well as cooking and baking groups, and approachable gourmet menus which focus on fresh ingredients.

What Our Clients, Their Families, and Clinical Partners Are Saying

Our Expert Eating Disorder Leadership Staff

Family Programming

Our family therapy program provides education, advocacy, and therapy for the family members of our clients. Upon admission, each client meets with their family therapist to establish family and relationship goals, identify family members, and learn more about their childhood, past relationships, and their eating disorder behavior. The family therapist then calls the person(s) the client has identified as her support system for an introduction to family therapy and sets up the first family session via telephone, Skype, or in person. It’s vital to have someone other than the client provide their perspective of the presenting problem(s) to aid in treatment planning.

At Magnolia Creek, we believe families have a choice to either maintain any type of dysfunction or recreate a healthy balance. Both the client and their loved ones can discuss the presenting problem(s) in a safe space of vulnerability while expressing their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Our family therapy program provides education, coaching, advocacy, and therapy to help create change using the following therapeutic models.

Academics in Magnolia Creek’s Adolescent and Teen Program

In Magnolia Creek’s Adolescent and Teen Program, the academic component ensures a seamless blend of education and recovery, fostering a supportive environment for teens to reclaim their lives. It is important for adolescents receiving treatment to continue their education as it helps them avoid academic setbacks upon discharge from treatment. Magnolia Creek employs a full-time certified teacher on campus to assist clients with their educational needs while in treatment. The teacher works with each client’s home school to provide an individualized educational plan to assist the client with continuing education while in treatment. Clients are provided school time for two hours each day, and they are given a center-issued device to work on schoolwork while being monitored by the on-site educator.
Our educator, Racheal Fine, M.Ed., is an Alabama-certified, highly qualified teacher with a background in teaching Mathematics and has taught math courses at all levels, from 6th to 12th grade. While she is able to assist in other subjects, most clients typically struggle with the subject of math, and she is able to provide specialized assistance with that. The teacher is also able to assist in tutoring other subjects, writing workshops, proofreading papers, post-secondary education planning, scholarship applications, etc. Racheal also works with clients to ensure a smooth transition back to their home schools upon completion of our program and provides any documentation needed by the school.
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Teen Program Administrator and Teacher
Racheal Fine, M.Ed.

With the help of our teen eating disorder treatment at Magnolia Creek, your child can regain their health and overall wellness.

Contact the Magnolia Creek admissions team today at 844-324-6830 to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Provided below are responses to frequently asked questions about the Magnolia Creek eating recovery center programs. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at 205-678-4373

Each client shares a bedroom with at least one other person, sometimes two others. 

Each client is assigned a primary therapist, a family therapist, and a registered dietitian. They will meet with each of them weekly.

Magnolia Creek has a full-time educator who works with the school system to ensure the client does not miss any assigned schoolwork.

Every policy is different according to which level of care the provider will pay for and what the medical necessity requirements are for the length of stay. 

The average length of stay is 45-60 days. Length of stay can vary depending on the severity of symptoms and response to treatment.

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