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At Magnolia Creek, our staff works with clients and families to create individualized comprehensive care plans that meet each client’s psychological, medical, nutritional, spiritual, and relational needs. Our residential and partial hospitalization facility offers evidence-based treatment programs to adolescent girls (ages 12 to 17) and women (ages 18 and older) who struggle with feeding or eating disorders, co-occurring mental health conditions, and co-occurring substance use disorder. The eating disorder treatment therapies we offer include:

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“I still say affirmations after meals. I still talk to my Magnolia Creek friends. I still remember the good and bad times and am so thankful for every single moment.”
– Wren, Grateful Magnolia Creek Alumnus

Why Eating Disorder Treatment Is Important

Provided below are alarming statistics related to eating disorders.

20 million women will suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder in their lifetimes and of these 20 million, it’s estimated that:
  • .5% to 3.7% will suffer from anorexia
  • 1% to 4.2% will suffer from bulimia
  • 5% will suffer from binge eating disorder (BED)

We know that a variety of factors contribute to the development of an eating disorder including, but not limited to societal pressures, neurobiology, trauma histories, family dynamics, and high levels of stress. 

At Magnolia Creek, our therapeutic environment is designed to provide a whole-person approach to treatment. We explore the issues and experiences related to eating disorders and challenge the thoughts and behaviors that prevent women from living their life fully.

Evidence-Based Treatment at Magnolia Creek

Evidence-based treatment is at the core of everything we do. At the same time, we take a holistic approach, providing comprehensive treatment in a home-like setting. But what’s sets our evidence-based treatment for eating disorders apart from other treatment programs?

Magnolia Creek’s programs emphasize self-acceptance validation, and personal empowerment, acknowledging that the client is the most important member of the treatment team. The evidence-based treatment for eating disorders at Magnolia Creek is active rather than passive, collaborative rather than imposed, and personal rather than detached. Our holistic program addresses the medical, nutritional, psychological, spiritual, social-emotional, and behavioral needs of our clients so they can fully recover, not simply manage their eating disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions.

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Kate Fisch, LCSW

Kate Fisch is the AVP of Clinical Operations for Odyssey’s Eating Disorder Network. With 17 years of clinical leadership and direct client care experience in the eating disorders field, she has a history of innovation, clinical training, and resource development in a variety of eating disorder treatment settings supporting families, clients, and clinicians.

If you’d like to learn more about our evidence-based eating disorder treatment for you or your loved one, our caring staff is ready to help you.

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