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It’s a common misconception that clients at an eating disorder treatment center are simply sent home after the completion of a residential treatment program. The best treatment centers offer various levels of care to ease clients back into eventually living independently. The most common option for continued treatment after a residential program is a partial hospitalization program (PHP), which we offer at Magnolia Creek.
PHPs are essential in any eating disorder treatment plan as they offer a step down in care from more intensive residential treatment options. At our PHP, rather than living at the treatment center, clients attend daily programming and are provided the opportunity to prepare meals and engage in learned coping skills at home in the evenings. PHPs provide clients with all the benefits of a residential program with the added trust and freedom that comes with being able to leave the facility.

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What Our PHP Treatment Entails

Why PHP Treatment at Magnolia Creek?

The most significant benefit of our PHP is that clients have access to the guidance and security of treatment while they learn to make decisions for themselves. Rather than being thrust back into the real world, we help our clients gradually take steps toward independence when they move from our Residential Treatment Program into our PHP treatment.

Many of our clients use the goal of living independently that comes with PHP to motivate them throughout their residential treatment. While they enjoy living at the facility, it’s hard to beat the comfort of living at home. As part of our Transitional Living Program during PHP, clients begin to reintroduce responsibilities and outside activities they enjoy. With their evenings free, they can do more of what they used to do prior to treatment. Slowly incorporating these activities also helps with the transition from treatment to independent living.

Differences Between Our PHP and the Residential Treatment Programs

Typically, clients start in residential care and then step down into the PHP. However, in some cases, clients may begin treatment in the PHP. The schedule for the PHP is like our residential treatment schedule, with the exception that clients spend evenings and nights at The Cottage.

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