The Importance of Aftercare

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Often, the hardest recovery work begins when residential or partial hospitalization treatment ends. Of course, no one wants to feel alone or left to fend for themselves after leaving treatment. This is where an aftercare plan comes in. Creating a plan that supports clients in recovery after participating in an eating disorder program is not just important, it’s vital. Therefore, Magnolia Creek conducts regular check-ins after discharge to support recovery.

Discharge Planning

While in treatment at Magnolia Creek, the treatment team works with each client to develop an individualized discharge plan. The details of these eating disorder aftercare plans vary depending on each client’s history, needs, and goals.

Magnolia Creek maintains community and provider resource lists and offers discharge planning individualized sessions to help prepare clients to return to home, work and/or school. These resources help connect adolescent girls and women with long-term recovery support in their area. Additionally, members of our clinical staff contact discharged clients at regular intervals to provide consultations and guidance and to check in on their recovery. Our staff also provides former clients with information about upcoming workshops and community resources.

Magnolia Creek’s evidence-based intervention programs are backed by licensed nutritionists, nurses, and a private on-site staff. Additionally, we offer holistic therapies, including yoga and equine. Don’t let your eating disorder continue to control your life or the life of your loved one. Contact the Magnolia Creek admissions team today at 205.678.4373 to learn more.

If you, your loved one, or your client needs help in gaining independence from an eating disorder or dual diagnosis, call our treatment team today at 205.678.4373 or fill out the form.

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